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Print Pricing

Please call Thom Creative directly for all pricing information. While pricing could be given, each job is treated as custom and may involve many different steps. We prefer to fully understand your needs before finalizing our approach.

Artwork Guidlines

Digital File Formats

Please supply your digital files as flattened RGB (Color) or Greyscale (B&W). Files should be of the following minimum resolution:

300dpi for <300

200dpi for >300, and <1500

150dpi for >1500

CMYK files and other resolutions are acceptable, however a charge may be applicable for converting digital formats.


Negatives and transparencies of any size are acceptable. All printed material can also be used, however, there will be limitations to the resolution and/or size of the final print. Scanning charges will be applicable.

Traditional or Contemporary Media

Almost any form of manually produced artwork on any media can be scanned and digitally reproduced. Flat artwork, such as watercolors, pastels and drawings work especially well. Oil paintings, collages and other structured pieces will also work well, but require special scanning techniques to capture the 3 dimensional nature of the art.



Submitting any film, print, slide, negative, digital image, or original art to Thom Creative for scanning or other handling constitutes an agreement by the client that any damages or loss by Thom Creative, its subsidiary, or agents, even though due to negligence or other fault of Thom Creative, its subsidiary, or
agents, will only entitle the client to replacement with a like amount of unexposed film, digital media, chemistry, processing, or raw material. Except for replacement, acceptance of the film, print, slide, negative, digital image, or original art is without any other warranty or liability, and recovery for any coincidental or consequential damages is excluded.

Copyright concerns: All images received and/or printed by Thom Creative will be handled with strict confidentiality. Thom Creative does not allow additional images to be printed for any reason without the explicit permission of the client or the client's authorized agent. Digital files can be purged if you do not wish an archive to remain at Thom Creative. Thom Creative returns all copyrights of images to the artists of origin.


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